Port Washington, Twisted Willow, restaurant, Jeff Harold

Night Lights – Twisted Willow

Night Lights – The night lights of a town create some fascinating colors.

Past Lives: Modern Appliance

Past Lives: Modern Appliance

Past Lives – Whenever I see an old deserted building or old object like a car, I always wonder about the people that populated that building or drove that car.  Imagine the past lives of these objects as you view the photos.

Woodland Impressions - Spring Fog

Woodland Impressions – Spring Fog

Woodland Impressions – This is a series of woodland images inspired by the Impressionist of the late 19th century.

doors, giraffe, Jeff Harold

Outside Looking Outside

Doors and Windows – Ever see a closed door that just made you stop and wonder what’s behind it?  These images are a not too serious look at doors/windows and what you would never expect to see behind them.  Also a few doors that still leave you guessing.

Winter - Drawbridge

Winter – Drawbridge

Winter Storm – These pictures were taken of the winter storm of November of 2015.

dahlia, flowers, Jeff Harold

Red Dahlia

Flowers – Everyone likes flowers so here’s my take on this beautiful and enjoyable subject.

The Painted Lady

Antioch – These scenes from Antioch are modified to give the feel of posters.  Hopefully to give them more of a Norman Rockwell feel.

Dizzy Gillespie at the Rib Exchange

Dizzy Gillespie

All That Jazz – Jazz greats photographed in the 80’s.

Attic Flowers – Coneflower

Attic Flowers – Series based on old pictures/postcards of flowers from grandparents attic.