Current Projects

This section provides some galleries that contain images from projects that I’m currently working on.  Some of these may eventually be promoted to a portfolio and some may be dropped, depending on how satisfied I am with the work.

Walkup Ice Cream, Antioch, IL

Walkabout NE Illinois – When I’ve started a project, I’ll go out to shoot scenes specifically for that project.  Those times that I just go out to wander and just shoot whatever strikes my fancy is what this group of pictures is all about.  I’ll be adding more photos but eventually the photos will be edited down to create a portfolio of about 10-20 photos with a larger selection put together for a book.

Dayna Renee

Musicians – I’ve shot professional musicians in the past but it’s been a long time.  I’ve just started shooting some local newcomers just for my own enjoyment.

DJ Garrity, Sculptor

Artist – As I meet artist I try get a portrait shot that tells you something about their work.  Sometimes it requires some Photoshop magic to produce the image I want.